By partnering with UF Distance Education Service Center (DESC) you are investing in your students’ experience.

Let UF DESC support you in making the most out of every prospective student interaction. Our highly motivated team will work with you to maximize your current admission/enrollment processes. Together, we will design the most effective way to convert and serve prospective students.


Our service selection is simple. For 30% of the tuition/enrollment fee, our team will provide your program/course with our Basic Service + the Academic Credit or Non-Credit service plan. Your service plan will also include website and marketing support from our marketing experts.*

*Not all programs qualify for this model. Contact us to learn if your program qualifies. Level of marketing for non-credit programs will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Basic Service

  1. Field calls, emails, web forms, and online chat
  2. Answer FAQs
  3. Website navigation support
  4. Support prospective students
  5. Access to reports
  6. Call student following admissions/enrollment
  7. GatorLink support

Academic Credit

  1. Recruitment
  2. Application process support
  3. Connect students to correct UF department
  4. Course registration 
  5. Provide limited support for admitted students
  6. Full access to student records


  1. Registration support
  2. Canvas access
  3. Track course enrollments
  4. Certificate support
  5. Governing agency reporting assistance