Flexible Learning

UF Flexible learning has a long history at UF, over 100 years, and was previously known as UF Correspondence Study. Today, UF Flexible Learning serves thousands of students at UF and beyond by offering online, open-enrollment, self-paced courses.

Why should your department consider offering a Flex course?

Flexible Learning courses offer many benefits to departments and colleges across UF. Not only do they provide students a chance to take courses that are full on campus, they allow departments to have a further reach beyond the University. Flexible Learning can also provide teaching opportunities for graduate students and adjunct instructors. Flexible Learning pays the instructors to develop and teach these courses, and provides administrative support to ensure student success.

Why Teach for UF Flexible Learning?

UF Flexible Learning can be a great way for instructors to gain online teaching experience and to interact with students from all over the world. UF Flexible learning can be a great way create an online course with our course production team or to offer your existing online courses to a new audience. Flexible Learning respects the time of its instructors and pays them on a per-student basis and our office supports instructors’ success by helping keep students on track.

For more information, Visit the Flexible Learning website.

Enrollment Services

DCE Enrollment Services assists current and prospective students in the areas of program information, registration, and student records. The Enrollment Services office works closely with each department to ensure that the information provided to students on the Distance Learning website is up to date. Our staff then responds to general inquiries in regards to the programs and connects prospective students with the appropriate department for registration. In addition, we process all registrations and payments for the Flexible Learning courses.


Andreas VanDenend

Assistant Director
Distance & Continuing Education
Responsible for: Enrollment Services/Flexible Learning

 tel: (352) 294-0854
fax: (352) 392-6950