Course Production

Instructional Design Consultation & Project Management

The Distance Learning Unit provides instructional design and course production services for faculty seeking to develop online Distance Learning courses and programs.

  • Needs analysis of target audience
  • Curriculum mapping of learning outcomes to assessments
  • Course blueprint design for course pedagogy
  • Development of online courses aligned with University of Florida Standards and Markers of Excellence
  • Innovative methodologies and technology to support online instruction
  • Evaluation strategies within Canvas for determining effectiveness of online instruction and assessments
  • Data collection and analysis for course improvement
  • Video and multimedia

If you are interested in developing either a fully online distance learning program or in need of instructional design and course production assistance, please submit a request through the University of Florida Assistance for Teaching website.

Course Design Consultation

The Distance Learning Unit also provides limited course design consultation and basic course setup for non-credit Professional Development online courses and programs.

  • Canvas shell setup
  • Online course template provided
  • Access to resources, best practices and University of Florida standards for online learning
  • Development of educational interactive activities that fully engage students with the course content
  • Instructional designer consultation meeting

For assistance in setting up a non-credit online continuing education course or program, please contact University of Florida Professional Development.


Leonardo Latorre
Assistant Director for Online Course Production
Distance and Continuing Education
tel: (352) 294-0850
fax: (352) 392-7049