Continuing Education

The University of Florida Division of Continuing Education (DCE) was established in 1972 to administer and support non-credit and designated credit programming sponsored by the University. DCE has the responsibility of insuring that these programs are conducted in accordance with the laws, rules, regulations, and policies of the State of Florida and the University.

The Division of Continuing Education is responsible for assisting academic units with developing non-credit courses and programs that are offered to working professionals for career advancement and ongoing continuing education.  The Division of Continuing Education support staff can provide assistance with market analysis, program development and program implementation.  For more information please visit the professional development section of this website.

The Division of Continuing Education is an institutional member of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association, which provides members with strategies to respond to the growing population of adults and non traditional students seeking continuous learning opportunities.




UF Regulations 6C1-3.0376 Miscellaneous Fees Section (21) Division of Continuing Education Auxiliary Fund:

  1. All registration fees or other income collected as payment for development of or participation in non-credit educational activities (i.e., workshops, symposia, conferences, etc.) shall be deposited into the Division of Continuing Education auxiliary fund. Non-credit courses sponsored by a unit of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Studies [IFAS] and administered through the IFAS Office of Conferences and Institutes may be exempted from this requirement.

  2. Revenues received for the purpose of planning, offering, and recovering all costs of sponsored credit institutes and other self-funded credit programs as provided by Board of Governors Regulation 6C-7.008(1)(a) will be deposited into the Division of Continuing Education auxiliary fund.

  3. The Division of Continuing Education auxiliary fund may be used for the recovery of any additional fees established for off-campus educational activities under section (19) of this regulation, or for continuing education credit courses as provided by Board of Governors Regulation 6C-8.002(2)(b)4.

The Division's Departments and affiliate departments provide planning and management services for non-credit and designated credit programs. UF units should contact the Division early in the planning stage of programs or activities involving registration fees. Additional guidance and expectations regarding financial and internal controls have also been promulgated by the University of Florida. UF's Guiding Principles of Financial Management can be found at the University Controller's website.